Premium Cannabis and Extracts



Our Mission

Our goal at Rocky Mountain Green is to educate the public on the vast therapeutic values of cannabis and to help get rid of its stigma.  We use sustainable technologies and processes that develop better cannabis products that are good for the consumer and good for the environment.  Our state-of-the-art extraction lab and cultivation facility focus on premium medical extracts.  We offer cannabis and concentrates to dispensaries and other licensed growers.  We do not sell directly to the public.


Our Specialties


We professionally nurture our first-class strains of cannabis. We are proud to grow strains high in Cannabidiol (CBD's) towards a pinnacle of quality not often reached.

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We create concentrates of unparalleled quality, using industry-leading equipment and techniques. 

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Our premium cannabis flowers are among the finest in Colorado. Nourished with top-grade essential nutrients in our meticulously clean facility, we put a lot of the TLC in our CBD and THC flower buds. 


Committed to Purity 

We use state-of-the-art equipment made with surgical grade stainless steel and strict sanitary standards in our laboratory for purity you can trust. Our facility was meticulously crafted to reduce microbial contaminations. We use the latest cultivation techniques to bring our plants to their fullest potential.

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Looking for a processing or wholesale partner for your cannabis business?

Our premium cannabis, extracts and services are directly available only for wholesale to licensed Colorado Cannabis Businesses.