We are the Original Creators 

Hashbergs are an original creation by our team at Rocky Mountain Green. The name is inspired by "icebergs". Like the great bergs, the majesty of this extract will amaze you and cause a colossal splash. In the first few weeks of their inception, Hashbergs have sold out within days of being stocked and we're pleased to tell you why. 


“I got an overwhelming sense of physical pain relief and general body euphoria- almost like my body was vibrating. I was mellowed down to the point where I could sleep if i wanted to really easily and really hard but I felt like my mind was more alert than just a typical indica high. I was able to be alert and aware for the duration of the high it’s like my creativity wouldn’t shut off. The high lasted over 2 hours."

-Matt Owens, Lead Extractor


Super potent 

Through our thrid-party testing lab RM3 in Boulder, we've received outstanding potency results. The average cannabinoid content in each batch of Hashbergs has been 94% - 95%. 

Witch's Cheese Hashbergs.jpg

Unbeatable color 

The distinctive gold of our Hashbergs is one of the many reasons that makes Hashbergs so sought after.  Batch after batch, the eye-catching beauty of the Hashbergs never ceases to mesmerize. 


Always clean 

Along with the potency results from RM3, our Hashbergs NEVER contain any residual solvents, ensuring end-users get a clean experience of unmatched quality. 

"It’s a really high impact high that felt similar to tripping and lasted longer than a normal high.”
- Emily Perchess, Sales Director