At Rocky Mountain Green, we maintain control over the quality of our extracts by primarily producing our cannabis flower and trim in-house. We focus on extraction methods to maximize the terpene profile, potency and color of each batch of extract.

Our partners and patrons can anticipate stronger medicinal and recreational benefits. In our state-of-the-art laboratory, we strive to capture the most complete and pure terpene profiles to accentuate the different healing properties of the cannabinoids in our extracts.   

BHO - What is it?

BHO stands for "Butane Hash Oil." It is an extraction method that uses organic butane as a solvent to create cannabis concentrates.  The organic solvent used in extraction is then purged from the concentrate to not only avoid unnecessarily inhaling butane, but to produce a cleaner experience for the consumer.  Please DO NOT try BHO extraction at home - it is not only extremely dangerous, but illegal!

We offer both live and dry-run extracts. 

Freshly defoliated and hand-trimmed, our strains are harvested to preserve as much of the natural state of the cannabis plant as possible. We do not use any kind of metal during defoliation to avoid unwanted chemical reactions or damaged plant cell walls that may weaken the potency and purity of our products. 

To produce live resins, our in-house cannabis or that of our processing partners is freshly harvested and immediately frozen prior to performing the extraction. This preserves the properties of the whole-plant, denying the opportunity for terpenes and cannabinoids to be lost through the drying and curing process of dry-run extracts. 

Standing out from our competition, our resin from the live-extraction is collected and purged at lower temperatures than dry nug-run shatter. Our delicate handling processes promote a higher rate of terpene and cannabinoid capture, resulting in a more natural, full-spectrum extract. 

We produce robust, clean meds, From the Rockies to Your Rig! Check out our specialties below!

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Waxes & Budder

BHO wax and budder is created by agitating (otherwise known as "whipping") and heating the cannabis concentrate, creating a point of nucleation that cannabinoid molecules can then grow onto. Waxes and budders exhibit a much creamier and waxier texture than other concentrates. 

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Cannabis oils have lower viscosity than most concentrates, making them perfect for dabbing, cooking, combining with cannabis flower or for use in vaporizer cartridges. 


Dry & Live Shatter 

BHO shatter is the linear crystalline form of the cannabinoids extracted and concentrated from cannabis flower or trim. This linear crystallization gives shatter its translucent appearance. Shatter is normally brittle, similar to thin glass or delicate sheets of ice, and is derived from either dry or fresh-frozen material Our shatter typically contains 75%-85% cannabinoid content.


Dry & Live Sugar

Sugar extracts are the crystalline form of the cannabinoid within fresh frozen, or dry cannabis plant material. Sugar itself usually contain a higher proportion of terpenes than other extracts. 


Live Whip  

Much like standard BHO wax, live whip is a cannabis extract from live plant material that is also agitated during production. Live whip usually contains a far higher proportion of terpenes when compared to dry-run wax or budder.  



Distillate is a relatively new concentrate that is taking the industry by storm. Dollar for dollar, it's the best value you can get, but it is more expensive than other extracts. Distillate is a golden color with hues of honey and amber. It is made up of up to 99% pure decarboxylated and distilled THC and/or CBD. 

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Vaporizer Cartridges  

Our branded vaporizer cartridges are made out of high quality glass and have the largest coil inlet on the market, which allows us to use higher viscosity oils. 



"I strive to maintain the cleanest most detailed oriented processes in my laboratory, so that this sterile environment produces consistent high quality products for our patients and customers.

- Matt Owens, Lead Extractor