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We create in-demand products by your customers and patients. 

Our goal is to provide both a superior partnership experience and tremendous value for our partners.

Our state-of-the-art extraction lab specializes in made-to-order cannabis extracts, uniquely and professionally crafted for licensed Colorado marijuana businesses. We serve both medical and recreational purposes, with an emphasis on medical. 


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What Sets Us a Mountain Above The Pack

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Unmatched Purity

In our lab, we use precision engineering with special attention to sterilization and corrosion resistance, making your products the best they can be. We also do an extended back-end and purge process ensures recapture of all solvents involved. 

Make More Money Cannabis Processing Services

Greater Return On Investment

Receive a greater return on your raw material by preserving and unleashing more terpenes and cannabinoids. The power and potency of your material is not only preserved through extraction, but enhanced by our lab tech and equipment. We use a jacketed solvent and collection vessels allow for precision temperature control throughout the extraction process. Unlike most labs, our is lab is set up especially for botanical extraction applications.

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Consistent Innovation

To stay ahead in business, you must stay ahead of the curve. At Rocky Mountain Green, we make sure you do. We offer the latest and most powerful extraction methods. Our constantly evolving system generates and keeps up with innovations in the world of cannabis extracts and concentrates.  


Make selling your products an avalanche of ease

Content is King, but do you have time to create new photos or videos? If not, we've got your back, partner. We will include promotional photos and videos of your finished product upon request.

Becoming a contracted extraction partner with us will include (upon request): 

  • Photos and videos of your products to promote with ease

  • Logo overlay to promote your brand

  • Promotion on our social media pages (with a joined logo)

This makes it a breeze to build your blog, newsletter, and social media platforms with very little work for you. 

Let's Collaborate 

Be a Rocky Mountain Green Extractions Partner 

We are here to answer any questions you have. Call and ask us about any specials we may have going on, or deals on your first processing order today.

Send us a message, or give us a direct call and a member of our team will take care of you promptly during normal business hours. 

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We offer services to Licensed Marijuana Businesses only.