20 BEST Healthy(ish) Munchies to Eat When You're High

After an indecently massive hit of a Clementine and Witches' Weed joint, it began. Giggling and energy through the roof, BAM. I'm knees deep in a bag of actual Clementines. 

Fun fact: when High Times interviewed me live with Karli, and they asked: "What's your favorite food when high?" I lit said a salad. The colors! The textures! The endless dimensions! Don't @ me.

Anyways. Halfway through this bag of actual clementines and contemplating cannabis yet again, I wondered, "What if, when we get the munchies, our body is asking for nutrients, vitamins, and calories to be in a greater state of balance?"

Cannabis affects people vastly differently. The endocannabinoid system, which allows your body to receive cannabinoids, regulates homeostasis. Homeostasis keeps the body in balance. So theoretically, one person could get hungry, and another might not want to eat at all. 

Other studies have noted that cannabis can increase people's metabolism. Perhaps if the metabolism is slow, cannabinoids support the body towards balance.

Even better, there is some evidence to suggest the foods you eat when high can enhance and heighten the experience. Other foods could modulate the high if that hit of Hashberg diamonds was just a little too much to function.

I interviewed our entire team, and hemp temps to find out the absolute best munchies to eat when elevated. 

Thus, may the munchies lead you into adequately fueling your body!


There is evidence to suggest certain foods can enhance the sense of elevation when combined with cannabis consumption. Chocolate actually mimics the effects of cannabinoids, which explains why chocolate makes people feel so excellent. Also, saturated fats are known for best-assimilating cannabis compounds so cheers to brisket tacos and avo toast slathered in butter. In any case, these foods taste AMAZING so enjoy regardless!

1 Chocolate

Chocolate… anything. Chocolate drizzle with fresh coconut. Chocolate date brownies. Chocolate for days. Since chocolate mimics the effects of cannabinoids, it’s an A1 choice.


2 Beef Tacos

Tacos for days. Because beef contains saturated fats, it helps assimilate cannabinoids.


3 Infused Chocolate

If you’re already elevated, infused chocolates will definitely get you higher.

Photo by my girl Karli Adams of Incredibles Key Lime White Chocolate Bar

4 Mango Salsa

Honestly. We’d make mango salsa this way in our rosin press if we could. But here’s a excellent recipe for Mango Salsa since we can’t.

Smoothie Bowl.jpg

5 Smoothie Bowls

In case you’re noticing a trend, we are recommending a mango smoothie in this case! You can add a THC tincture for an extra kick as well.

Avo Toast.gif

6 Avocado Toast

Slather some butter on bread, add avocado, and let those good fats ride you to ride you to the next level. If you’re needing an even more extra boost, make it infused butter.


7 Spicy Dried Mango Slices

Buy em’ in bulk at Sprouts or Whole Foods Market. But try not to do it WHILE you’re lifted or you could spend all the money on mango slices.


Happens to most! Just keep your CBD oils, tinctures, and dabs on speed dial.


8 Lemon Sorbet with CBD honey

Pop open a nice Hägan Daz lemon sorbet and pour CBD hemp honey over it (and you’re whole life, why not.)


9 CBD infused Caprese

Slap and shake together 1 part olive oil to 1 part CBD hemp oil and drizzle that baby over cheese and tomatoes. Cooling and soothing, it’ll help you slow your roll.

white cho.gif

10 CBD Infused White Chocolate

So creamy, so dreamy. One of our homies Grant recommends Sacred Body CBD’s.


11 Chocolate Covered Popcorn with CBD Cinnamon

Drizzle melted chocolate over some popcorn and toss some CBD Cinnamon and Honey over that bad boy. You’ll get lost in the symphony of crunch.


12 Popsicles

There are some people who say orange juice helps. In any case, might as well make it frozen to help with the blazing desert that is cottonmouth.

Infused Blueberry Muffins

13 CBD Infused Blueberry Muffins

You can honestly take these babies either way. Infuse coconut oil or butter with CBD flower like Pure Love, or high THC GSC. Dealer’s choice!

Photo by my homie Sydney Montoya Photography featuring Lucinda Williams Live Resin


14 CBD Dark Chocolate

Would this really be a list of munchies without CBD dark chocolate? No. Do keep in mind edibles are not the fastest method for coming down. I absolutely love Gataka Wellness’s 240 mg CBD chocolate. I picked it up at Lucky’s Market in Boulder, or occasionally at Wonder Press.


We’re not here to judge! Here are snacks to just enjoy en mass with minimal guilt. Pop on the office and grab a bulk bag of mixed nuts and have yourself a good time.

15 Trail Mix

This came up a lot for the crew, Greg and Stephy especially. Perhaps it’s the magical variety of sweet and salty, of nuts and fruit, or perhaps when you’re really lifted it become its own microcosm of a symphony of flavor.

high  munchies

16 Pizza

Look we said, “Healthy-ish”, okay? Pizza. By demand of the entire crew save the dairy-free fam. Plus, you can make it healthy-ish like in this recipe, right? So load up OG Kush Diamonds and on the Za.

17 Sushi

Can you image rows and rows of sushi after medicating on a big rip of Clementine flower? Is there anything more blissful than that?! For more easily attained deliciousness you can always grab seaweed snacks.

sloth .gif

18 Chip & Dip

You are gauc, baby. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re salsa. And so you should enjoy the smooth and creamy delight that is chips and guacamole whilst medicated and elevated.

19 Oranges

Just, the entire bag. Cuties, for those not inclined to waste time trying to pry open an orange. Slather some tahini on their for some extra calories!


20 Giant Salads

Honestly, my favorite “zone out and watch Netflix” munchy. There is just something about a giant bowl of salad that does it for me. It uses my elevated state of being to load up on antioxidants and vitamins. My favorite is the Taylor Farms Asian Chopped kit because you pretty much just cut it open and throw it in a bowl!

Big thank you to the crew and our Hemp Temps, especially Grant and Rich, for all their answers!

If you’re a little too elevated, here are our favorite Colorado CBD based products to keep in your medicine cabinet at all times! 

Sacred Body Hemp-Derived CBD dabs  

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Contributors: Greg Meyer, Jordan Stauder, Kelly Snyder, Stephanie Owens, Mel Craige, Aaron Saperstein, Grant Monroe, Ganja Boy Rich, Sydney Montoya Photography & Karli Adams Photography.

Written by Kimzy Nanney, Certified Holistic Health Coach turned Marketing Director