Terpinolene- deep dive in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis  

Cannabis is still a very widely misunderstood plant.

There are many misconceptions that Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid classifications play a significant role in determining the outcome of consuming one strain or another. In reality, the terpene profile in a strain can more accurately indicate what kind of ride you're in for.

Second, many people, including our friends and family members from conservative states, see cannabis as a bizarre thing. A drug like heroin (Thank you 1930's propaganda). When in reality, cannabis is a plant very similar to hops. Who hasn't gotten into an argument with an Uncle over cannabis being the devil plant while he sips a beer? Like, hops and cannabis are in the same taxonomy family, bro. #science

Cannabis even shares terpene compounds with stuff that's probably in your cupboard. The nutmeg in Karen's muffins. The tea tree that one friend is always convincing you to use for your headaches. The lilac scented perfume. 

What exactly is a terpene?

A plant terpene is what grants each a unique aroma. Terpenes serve to defend the plant from predators and pathogens.

Photo by  Sydney  Montoya

Photo by Sydney Montoya

Let's dive into Terpinolene.

Terpinolene is commonly found in lilac, apples, nutmeg, cumin, conifers, tea tree, and sometimes used in perfumes, lotions, and soaps. Terpinolene's exact aroma is less defined as other terpenes like a-pinene smells like... pine. It has a herby, piney, floral, and sometimes slightly citrusy scent. 

This amazing terpene may also have potential in treatment for heart disease. 

Terpinolene studies reveal a plethora of therapeutic benefits: 

Anti-oxidant- a primary cause of aging signs is oxidation and damage of cells. Anti-oxidants fight the oxidation of cells- terpinolene was expressly noted for its anti-oxidant potential in brain cells. Keep that cranium going, fam. 

Anti-Cancer- Used against or to prevent cancer. Terpinolene showed anti-cancer benefits to brain cells in its test subject. Total side note, but did you know the brain consumes 80% of your calories? Would now be a good time for some healthy munchies

Sedative -promotes calm or seduces the body into sleep. Terpinolene showed a sedative effect, especially when inhaled. Time to whip out the bong, ya'll. 

terpinolene benefits

Other High Terpinolene Strains: 
Ghost Trian Haze
Jack Herer 

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