How do strain genetics affect cannabis' medicinal benefits? Strain 101

Genetic families, much like human families, can indicate what you might expect from each strain. Aunt Sally has blue eyes, and so does your cousin. It’s the same with cannabis- genetic strains are passed down when new strains are developed. 

Where and how cannabis is grown affects potency

There are many factors that can influence the way each strain looks, smells, and effects us. Including the environment it's grown, quality of nutrients, and even the lighting. This is why at Rocky Mountain Green we are obsessed with purity, consistency and, quality. We grow all of our babies indoors with the highest quality nutrients available, and work with natural sources of vitamins (such as kelp extract) to keep our babies healthy, strong, and potent. 

We nourish our babies to grow healthy, pure and potent plants  

Our plants enjoy the highest quality nutrients available on the market to work harmoniously with our natural growing methods. We nourish our plants with natural sources of vitamins, such as nutrient-dense kelp extract. Any and all nutrient run-off generated from our cultivation is recycled to organic farms around Boulder County. 


Why strain genetics helps get quality care

Knowing strain genetics can help you uncover what therapeutic effects and benefits your favorite strain can give you. On our strain pages, we provide the family genetics of all our plants so you can learn to get specific about what you want. 

You deserve the purest quality plants on the market. 

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