Our most popular from 2018: Your favorite & best-selling flowers & concentrates

2018 was a glorious year of growth for us thanks to every one of you! We gathered our data from 2018 of which products you all most loved by volume. Here are the winners for our very best from 2018! 

Blueberry Strain

Best-Selling Strain

DJ Short’s Blueberry Flower

Wafting the scent of blueberry muffin, it’s no wonder our heavy hitting indica won by a landslide. Aroma, flavor, effect, appearance and yields, Blueberry has it all.

Blueberry is beloved for its delicious sleep-inducing pain relief, granting a deep body high. Blueberry is a huge favorite in the grow and in the lab for its eye-popping purple-blue color and mouth-watering terpene profile.

Pure Love 121318.jpg

Best Selling CBD Strain

Pure Love

Pure Love is exactly that- made of Pure Love. A medical indica dominant Hybrid, Pure Love is our beloved CBD dominant strain.

It has a surprisingly lovely floral aroma, and even sweeter effects. We notice that Pure Love grants a sweet body high, easing the mind of stress and worry. Pure Love is a gentle strain that can be enjoyed throughout the day by any level of tolerance.

Vanilla Ice OG Live Resin

Best-Selling Medical

Vanilla Ice OG Live Sugar

Thick, terpy, gloriously golden Vanilla Ice OG Live Sugar consistently produces the finest golden live sugar fit to be consumed by Royalty.

Vanilla Ice OG is particularly favored not only for its golden sunshine color, but its potent effects. Produced from our in-house hybrid medical strain, Vanilla Ice OG Live Sugar grants pain-relief without knocking you out.

Our General Manager Jordan says Vanilla Ice OG Live Sugar, "doesn’t knock me out, it’s a nice chill mellow high, it really helps my body with pain, but at the same time it keeps me alert and doesn’t mess with my head.

Bear Dance Rocks and Sauce 2.jpg

Best Selling Recreational Concentrate

Bear Dance Rocks and Sauce

Bear Dance is a Sativa Dance party in one's whole body. Produced from our thick delightfully gassy Bear Dance strain, this Rocks & Sauce produced the most GORGEOUS color. To boot, like all of our concentrates from in-house flower, the dabs are super smooth, delivering lung-fulls of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

We cannot thank you enough for making our first full year in the game such an amazing one. We are beyond excited to bring you even more cannabinoid and terpene rich strains & concentrates, with new creations on the horizon. We love you!

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