What exactly does indica, sativa, and hybrids mean? Medical benefits of 3 classes explained.

Types of Cannabis Strains

Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids- oh my!

Strains are typically classified in these 3 categories. Each has general therapeutic benefits loosely associated with its classification. Hybrid’s can also be classified as “Indica or Sativa Dominate”. Let's dive into the medical and therapeutic benefits typically found in all strains that fall into these categories. 

Many budtenders will direct you to an indica, sativa or hybrid based on what you're looking for, to sleep, have energy, etc. While this is helpful, according to Dr. Ethan Russo, It's good to note that a more accurate and specific benefits associated to each strain will depends on an array of factors such as:

  • Chemical competent (IE: THC levels & terpene profile).

  • Dose.

  • Tolerance.

  • Method of consumption (IE: Extracts will deliver more potent cannabinoid and terpene consumption than smoking flowers).

  • Your personal endocannabinoid system.

What's in a name? 

You can begin to gather the class based on the name. For example, "Haze" strains are typically sativa dominate. Kush, Indica dominate. 

Indica: Blueberry

Indica: Blueberry

Medical Benefits of Indicas 

Indicas are known to have high CBD counts, and lower THC, thus these benefits are often associated: 

  • Increase mental relaxation.

  • Relieve muscle tension and spasms.

  • Treat acute pain.

  • Increase appetite.

  • Relieve insomnia.

Sativa: Durban Poison

Sativa: Durban Poison

Medical Benefits of Sativas 

Sativa plants have narrow leaves, and known to have higher THC and lower CBD. Thus, these benefits are associated with sativas: 

  • Anti-anxiety.

  • Mental stimulation for focus and creativity.

  • Increase serotonin.

  • Ideal for day time use.

Hybrid: OG Kush

Hybrid: OG Kush

Medical Benefits of Hybrids 

Hybrids are a combination or indica and sativa bred to have a variety of benefits. For example, our Vanilla Ice OG is an Sativa Dominant Hybrid- so you can anticipate the relief from aches and pains associated with indica, but achieve a sharper higher focus and creative stimulation associated with Sativa. This kind of hybrid would be ideal if you want to stay active, but need the heavy hitting pain relief that comes from an indica. 


What strain is best for you? 

We would love to help you pick what strain you need. We encourage you to contact us to begin a conversation about finding the right strain for your needs. We can also recommend our current concentrates with these strains and where to find them in Colorado. A member of our talented team will get in contact with you soon! Let's get you the care you deserve. 

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