Cooldown in the Summer Heat with Ice & Mango

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Cooldown just in time for the hottest month of the year by adding ice to your bong stem.

Bongs with built-in ice champers are popular for good reason. Just like adding ice to a glass of water, ice reduces the temperature of the smoke. Adding ice up to the mouthpiece can give you a much cooler and SUPER smooth hit.

Water is still added for filtration, making sure you get a healthier more full-flavored hit. The ice takes the edge of the harshness of the smoke in your throat. As the ice melts into the water, the water itself is also cooled, giving even more cooling relief. You can also add small pieces of fresh or frozen fruit can add a light flavor to the smoke as well, and of course, it’s eye-candy.

mango bong (1 of 1).jpg

Adding ice and mango will allow you to take a bigger hit, comfortably taking in more at a time without coughing your brains out, making it more enjoyable to medicate in higher doses. We love pairing Clementine with frozen mango pieces for a delightful citrus treat after a long hot day.

Have you tried ice or frozen fruit in your bongs?

Big thank you to @ moontokess  for the idea and modelling

Big thank you to @moontokess for the idea and modelling

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