8 Major Cannabis Terpenes & Their Benefits

terpene benefits

With our beautifully presented terpene series, we aim to bring to light that cannabis a plant- an herb- that shares compounds with plants found in your cupboard! The stigma of cannabis is still alive and well in the world. It’s often thought of and treated as a criminal substance and many link cannabis to hard drugs like heroin and meth. We hope to help people link cannabis to herbs that share terpenes with common plants like basil, cloves, and lavender to normalize their use.

Terpenes are the fragrant oils produced by cannabis trichomes, which are the white probe-like crystals. Terpenes give cannabis cultivars their unique scent and flavor. Interestingly, different strains have vastly different terpene profiles and cannabinoid concentrations. Over 200 different terpenes can occur in varying concentrations in any given strain, there are about 10 primary terpenes that occur most commonly in the greatest concentrations.

Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other compounds work together synergistically to create a variety of benefits and side-effects.
Our series covers 8 of the primary terpenes found in cannabis in the greatest concentrations.

* Please note in order to truly know which strains have the greatest concentration of terpenes, actual terpene testing would be the surest way. Although we’d love to, we don’t currently test for terpenes frequently because we are required to focus on cannabinoid potency. Terpene concentration in strains often amounts to between 1-2% of the dry weight.*

Want to more about each Terpene? Stay tuned for in-depth reviews of each of the eight major terpenes in blogs to come!

Special thanks to photographer and friend, Sydney Montoya Photography for her contributions!

Source: RM3 Labs

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