What's the difference between Hemp Derived CBD and Cannabis CBD?

Cannabis cbd vs hemp cbd difference

If you’re confused why some CBD products are illegal, and others are legal, you’re not alone! 

Complexity is the enemy of execution. So we aim to make this simple. There are a lot of articles on the science and historical differences- but our aim to is to give you simple understanding you can immediately apply to figure out what’s best for you.

Cannabis is a relatively new area of research so in-depth double-blind studies are limited and HIGHLY regulated. There are heavy regulations now to what we can share with you about the therapeutic benefits. In cases like this, we encourage to see if this makes sense to them logically. 

Let’s start by looking at the history of cannabis and hemp. 

The Cannabis Family & Why It Matters

Hemp AND the Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, are members of the Cannabis family. Think of them as cousins. Say you and all your cousins have black hair, but some of you are much taller than the others.

Cannabis plants all carry similar traits, but have different amounts of cannabinoids. Different amounts of these cannabinoids will create vastly different effects when they are consumed.  

For example, a friend of yours might have one glass of wine and be relaxed and happy, but then has 5 and is confessing their feelings of deep attraction to the Uber driver. Amount matters.

The most striking difference between industrial hemp and cannabis known as Mary Jane is the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hemp must contain less than .3% of THC. 

How does the presence of THC effect CBD products? 

The difference between hemp CBD and Marijuana CBD

This isn't an exclusive analogy, but generally, let's think of it like this:

It’s like when you go out with a group of people who are solely your gender. If you’ve talked to a guy about a problem, they will see how to solve. They will help you see what ACTION to take to solve the problem. If you’ve talked to a woman about the same problem, they will likely be doing something to help you calm down by relating to you. They will be looking to soothe you. 

Think of THC as the friend who will inspire action. (PsychoACTIVE properties). People have reported that high THC products will create mental stimulation, a feeling of being high in an ecstatic way, and intense pain relief. 

Think of CBD as the friend who is calming and soothing. High CBD products have been reported leave people feeling “grounded” and “calm”. 

Products that contain a balance of THC and CBD will function differently than products with only CBD. If you were to talk to both of your friends about your problem you will likely have a more comprehensive/complete solution to the problem.

THC and CBD have been described as a marriage because THC will enhance the benefits of CBD, while CBD will do the same vice versa while diffusing the psychoactive properties in THC.

If this makes sense to you and has helped, share with your friends!

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