Why our Owner Greg Meyer Got into Cannabis

We love our team here and could not be more thankful for Greg Meyer, one of our owners! Greg is a co-owner along side his parents, Dennis and Valerie! Greg is one of the most genuine, loyal, and kindest dudes you'll ever meet. Greg is an English Literature graduate from Colorado University at Boulder (Go Buffs!)

Here's Greg on some of his favorites and motivations for being in the cannabis industry!

What's your favorite RMG product and why?

RMG Hashbergs.jpg

My favorite concentrate here at Rocky Mountain Green has to be one of our higher CBD based Hashbergs, like the Witchy Woman.  The high THC content mixed with that right amount of CBD results in a high like no other.  It’s been great helping me deal with anxiety, depression, and stress.  The effects last much longer than other concentrates I’ve tried.

I’d also like to mention my favorite strain that we have at RMG.  While we have over 30 strains, my favorite is the Durban Poison because of the medicinal benefits that come with it.  When getting my med card for the first time, I talked to the doctor about how I get migraines and bad headaches frequently.  His response was simple: try smoking some Durban Poison when you have one of those headaches.  It’s been years now, and whenever I feel a headache coming on or am suffering a migraine, I always reach for my Durban Poison. 

Why did you get into the cannabis industry?

I’ve always believed that marijuana is a medicine.  It helps reduce various symptoms and helps people with serious diseases.  I’ve been lucky enough to have lived in Boulder for the last 13 years and have seen the Medical Marijuana industry grow from nothing into a giant. As the industry grew, I began reading more and more articles about how Medical Marijuana and/or CBD oil changed the lives of the patients taking it.  

I once took a sociology class called “Death and Society.”  In the class we watched many videos, but one stood out to me because it involved someone using CBD.  This man had an inoperable brain tumor and was not given long to live.  After months of taking CBD oil, the doctors saw that the tumor had shrunk in size! The CBD oil literally saved this man’s life.  Marijuana and Hemp CBD have been saving lives.  I got into the industry because of that, I want to be able to help people deal with their sicknesses or any other problems they may have.  With the opioid crisis out of control, I’m even more thankful to be in the marijuana industry where we can use a plant to heal thousands of people.

Cheers to Greg!

If you are interested in getting your hands on some Award-Winning Hashbergs or Durban Poison Greg mentioned, please visit our locations page or contact our team and we will help you! Hashbergs are a Rocky Mountain Green original invention, so let us help you find some!