RMG & Apex Team Up To Make Buying Wholesale Cannabis Easy: GM Jordan in National Press Release

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At Rocky Mountain Green, we believe in having higher standards and offering more value to our customers and dispensary partners than anyone else. Our goal is to make at easy (and dare we say fun?) as possible to get quality clean and pure cannabis into the hands of people who need it. 

Often times, dispensaries will rely on wholesale cannabis sellers (like ourselves) to fill up their shelves for diversity for their tribe. They are a key player in the cannabis industry, because their decisions directly effect what kinds of products patients get access to.

However, one big challenge and headache buyers face is the different kinds of systems they have to puzzle over every time they have to place an order. Often times, buying is not their only role. They may also manage and run dispensaries, in addition to making key decisions about what products to stock. 

RMG and Apex agree that making their jobs easier will benefit everyone! So, Apex has developed a SUPER easy to use modern platform for buying and selling cannabis products and we are not only an early adopter but also part of the beta versions due to a long-standing respect for each other. Jordan talks about how this has made life easier on their national press release

 Jordan showing the quality of our flowers 

Jordan showing the quality of our flowers 

Imagine the apple of cannabis buying... featuring beautiful images of products, simply noting how much of each you need and want, and it gets dropped into a cart. 

Not only that but as a dispensary, we also can offer you a custom storefront with prices all for you. We offer bulk prices to our long-standing partners- so we can easily update the prices for you. 

Our hats off to Apex, and we are excited for the easy and growth their new platform will bring. 

If you would like to easily buy top quality cannabis products for your dispensary or grow we would love to work with you. Go to our wholesale sign up page to get started today- we are offering special deals on your first order. 

Cheers to you!