Can Cannabis Be Organic? Let's talk about organics.

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Since we specialize in medical strains, our clients often really care about what's going into their bodies. They often use cannabis to heal from various ailments - even if they are adult-use recreational consumers. They want it to be safe and clean. 

It often leads to the question, "Is your cannabis organic?" 

Organic by definition in the dictionary is this: Using or produced with fertilizers or pesticides that are strictly of animal or vegetable origin.

In this sense, yes, our products are organic. We hold ourselves to high purity standards. In fact, almost obsessive purity standards. Kelly uses oregano and neem oils on the plants to keep pests at bay and nourishes them with top-of-the-line nutrients featuring things like mineral-rich kelp extract. 

However, you'll notice we do not have a certification and here's why: 

In order to achieve an actual organic certification, it requires the USDA which is a federal institution. Since Cannabis Sativa is still a federally illegal crop, it cannot classify as USDA Certified Organic.

There are a lot of movements to create an entity to take a look at Cannabis companies to see if they are complying with their standards of purity. Our question is though, do they hold themselves to OUR standards?

For the USDA, it's the same question we wonder. Do their standards come close to ours? Their standards are questionable, especially for people who are using food to heal from serious illnesses or really care about preventing such illnesses. 

According to an article by CNBC, "You're essentially paying your policing body to certify you," said Popoff. "You can see if they decertify you, well, they're not going to get their $3,000 out of you next year, and by the way, that could be $30,000 upfront. It depends on the size of your operation."

A story in The Wall Street Journal last year said that a USDA review of accredited certifiers found that nearly half failed to uphold at least one standard, what to do?

If you're adamant about getting the cleanest products, go local and ask a more specific question... 

"What do you use as fertilizers and pesticides?" If you can't pronounce, is it really a great idea to consume it? 

Thoughts on organics? 

Written by Kim Nanney
Marketing Director
Certified Holistic Health Coach