How Often To Use Cannabis for Relaxation? Industry Pros Share Their Rituals

How often should i smoke for relaxation

There is great value in learning from first-hand accounts of people who use cannabis, how often, what strains in order to create specific effects. Our team of cannabis experts tell all about our cannabis relaxation routines.

But first, let’s emphasis why relaxation is so important not only during the holiday season, but as a lifestyle choice.

On a health level, relaxation can prevent stress-related health issues. Since stress is a natural part of life, particularly for high-achievers, the aim is to handle stress better (and more of it gradually).

A few stress-related health issues mentioned on WebMD that I have experience dealing with are: 

  • Obesity.

  • Headaches.

  • Depression and Anxiety. 

  • Gastro-intestinal issues. 

From personal observations, we’ve discovered relaxation allows one to:

  • See things more clearly.

  • Not make things worse than they are.

  • Increase compassionate and understanding.

  • Boost Creative. 

  • Boost Happiness.

  • Increase productivity.

  • Improve body composition.

How does cannabis help with stress?

While the most effective stress management strategies would include combining cannabis with other lifestyle choices, such as exercise, nutrition, improved quality of sleep, cannabis can certainly provide immediate relief. Cannabis can also make creating lifestyle changes easier.

To learn more how specific cannabinoids support stress relief, we recommend these articles:
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Let’s discover how each of our cannabis industry professionals use cannabis to chill.

Vanilla Ice OG Live Sugar


General Manager Jordan
Tolerance: High.
I use cannabis to relax daily; mornings and evenings. I especially like to smoke flower but I like concentrates such as Vanilla Ice OG Live Sugar as a boost to the relaxing qualities of MMJ especially when in pain, need sleep, anxiety relief.

Evening smokes are A1 when I can unwind after a long day. Would be great if my girl knew how to roll blunts.

Pictured: Vanilla Ice OG Live Sugar (MED)

Pure Love Joint


Marketing Director Kimzy
Tolerance: Low.

I typically use cannabis to relax 3-4 times a week in the evenings. I prefer our high CBD flowers, like Pure Love since it gives me body relaxation with very little mental stimulation.

I also like that our flower doesn't make me pass out and it's perfect to take the edge off.

If I need to relax during the day, I love Cured Nutrition’s CBD infused cinnamon and spice in my tea.

Pictured: Pure Love Flower (MED)

Z7 Strain


Sales Director
Tolerance: Medium.

I just picked up some of our tasty Z7 flower to smoke. I love that the Z7 is high in CBD. I generally smoke once all the business is handled

Pictured: Z7 Freshly Harvested (REC)

Blueberry Strain Relaxation


Harvest Manager
Tolerance: Low to Medium.
I don’t smoke nearly as often as others, but I love coda bath bombs- the rose orange scented one but I also like the lavender bomb which is called “calm.” I also love the Mary Jane Lotions.

As for flower, I’d say my favorite strains are Thing 1 and Blueberry.

I like smoking anything indica. I like our Z7 (CBD). I like wana gummies- the 1:1 ratio is perfect for me. I also love the coda forte and crescendo truffles.

Pictured: Cured Blueberry Flower (MED)



Head of Fulfillment
Tolerance: Medium.

I like to take dabs of the Hashbergs and use CBD oil on sore muscles. I use cannabis for relaxation every night.

Pictured: Witch of the West Hashbergs (MED)

Withch's Broom Hashbergs THC 69.18 CBD 23.JPG


Lab Manager
Tolerance: Very High.
Dabbing: 3.5 - 4 years

I dab typically about 8x per day, 1-2 dabs. In the daytime, I do specific sativa strains like Sour Diesel and NYCD. Recently, it’s been our Glenda Hashbergs because this contains them. I am specific about the sativas because some strains give me anxiety, but others give me energy and move me through the day.

In the evenings, it’s indicas like our DJ Short's Blueberry, and Lucinda Williams. I also like bath bombs for pain-relief at the end of the day.

I have chronic pain and anxiety, so I try to walk a fine line between medicating pain and keeping calm.

Pictured: Glenda Hashbergs (MED)

Brand Vape Pen on Map BG.jpg


Tolerance: Low.

I do it more for pain than for relaxation 2-3x per week at about 7pm.

Cannabis relieves pain really well for me. I like the blueberry pen and pure love flower. I’m going to try to the Z7 flower, next.

I like the coda bath bombs with herbs and flower lavender, and use one every couple of weeks.

Pictured: Blueberry Pen (MED)

Girl Scout Cookies


Master Grower
Tolerance: Very High.

For relaxation, I smoke once I get home after work. I usually smoke a joint before or while cooking dinner. I’ve been recently been smoking our Girl Scout Cookie & Blueberry flowers. I might smoke a little more before eating.

After dinner is cleaned up I will turn the xbox on and get some gaming in. I feel like the more relaxed and medicated the better I do in a game and the more I get into game like red dead redemption 2 or battlefield 5.

About an hour before bed I will take an edible to help me with sleep.

I’ve been eating a homemade date fudge ball made with leftover decarbed hash.

Pictured: GSC Flower Freshly Harvested (MED)

What about you? How often do you use cannabis to relax? What are your favorite “chill” strains, concentrates and products? We’d love to feature you on our Instagram story.

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