Meet the Team

It takes the best methods and the best equipment to bring you unparalleled products of a higher standard, but it all starts with the best people. Check out “What We Smoke To Chill” to see what we recommend for a little R&R.


Greg Meyer

Born and raised in Littleton, Greg earned his degree from University of Colorado at Boulder. Greg comes from family of successful entrepreneurs and is ready move the cannabis industry forward with Rocky Mountain Green's state-of-the-art facility and superior attention to purity. 

Instagram: @RMGGreg 

Jordan Stauder
General Manager

Jordan is a visionary, results-driven leader with a passion for eco-sustainable entrepreneurship. Earning his Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, he leverages his knowledge of environmental sustainability with his successful history of local entrepreneurism and business management. Jordan is the co-inventor of our Award-Winning Hashbergs. Jordan was featured on a national press release, talking about the benefits of our partnership to Apex Trading to make buying Wholesale Cannabis easier. 

Instagram: @StauderFish

Kelly Snyder
Master Cultivator 

Born in Pennsylvania, Kelly attended Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute and Philadelphia Art Institute where he received a Associates in Culinary Science and a Bachelors in Hospitality and Management. During his 8 years of culinary management, he has developed a plan for efficiency, organization, and economy to implement in the grow. 

Instagram: @flying_pig_extracts

Kim Nanney
Marketing Director

Kim’s marketing philosophy can be summarized in one word: care. Featured on Dope Magazine, she's passionate about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and shifting it's stigma to make it approachable to people who could be saved because of it. Kim is an international award-winning content creator, and is responsible for our website, content, and social media. Her passion for cannabis stems from her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. When Kim isn't marketing, she's spending time her man or hiking the Rockies. 

Instagram: @K.imzy_

Francisco Chavez
Sales Director

Francisco was born in Denver, grew up in Las Vegas, and attended college in Eugene, Oregon. Francisco earned a BS in Political Science, a business minor, and a public speaking minor at the University of Oregon. Francisco loves selling and learning. In his free time Francisco spends time with family and friends, goes out and explores Colorado, and stays active. 

Instagram: @siscochavez

Stephanie Owens
Harvest Manager

After flushing down pain pills and finding cannabis, Stephanie got into the industry to share with other the people the medicinal potential of cannabis. As Harvest Manager, Stephanie is passionate about making sure our plant are harvested properly according to her high standards. 

Stephanie grew up in the cornfields of Indiana, going on to work on an art’s degree from the North Carolina Wayne Community College before moving to Okinawa, Japan. 

From Accounting, to serving, to care-giving to the elderly, Stephanie brings a big heart for people to the team and her compassion for both the flowers and our clients and customers can be felt. 


We are proud to be Award-Winners &
A Top Wholesaler in Colorado!

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