Our Mission

Our goal at Rocky Mountain Green is to educate the public on the vast therapeutic values of cannabis and to help get rid of its stigma.  We use sustainable technologies and processes that develop better cannabis products that are good for the consumer and good for the environment.  Our state-of-the-art extraction lab and cultivation facility focus on premium medical extracts.  We offer cannabis and concentrates to dispensaries and other licensed growers.  We do not sell directly to the public.

Rocky Mountain Green is proud to be the corporate sponsor of The Ali Meyer Foundation, a charity that is actively helping to provide wheelchairs and rehabilitation equipment for patients of Children’s Hospital Colorado.  Please visit www.alimeyer.org to learn more.



State of the Art, Evolving Technology 

We are proud to use the state of the art Delta 9 Designs Extraction System for our extractions. Its revolutionary technology allows us to control and monitor every variable throughout the extraction process ensuring consistent, high quality concentrates. 

Reliable, Local Testing of Cannabis and Extracts

We trust RM3 Labs of Boulder, Colorado for the majority of our cannabis and extract testing. Their stellar record of accuracy and complete offering of services keeps us compliant and gives our customers' peace of mind. 

Trusted Vendors

Our products are locally featured and proudly sold at The Peaceful Choice in Boulder, Colorado. Visit this reputable Boulder area dispensary to find our premium Rocky Mountain Green extracts! 

Driven by Purpose

Rocky Mountain Green proudly supports the Ali Meyer Foundation, benefiting the Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation.

Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation